Ray BEESON co-founded Overcomers Ministries in 1983. Overcomers Ministries is a teaching ministry with a special emphasis on spiritual warfare and prayer.  With a belief that "understanding" is vital to spiritual growth ("My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Hos 4:6), the ministry endeavors to make plain the powerful truths of God's Word, especially in these two areas.

Ray's new book Wounded in the Church is available at Amazon

(10/20/19) - "Time after Time"
(06/24/18) - "The Father's Love"
(03/12/17) - "Wounded in the Church, Healed by the Holy Spirit"
(06/05/16) - "Holy Spirit"
(08/30/15) - "Beyond Yesterday"
(06/01/14) - "The Mystery of God"
(01/26/14) - "The Father's Heart"
(06/09/13) - "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People"
(04/07/13) - "Kingdom Dynamics"


Bob Birdsong began competing worldwide in 1971 and came to the Lord in 1975, the same year he won the Mr. Universe title. He continued to compete through 1989. Before that, though, he led a lifestyle of hustling and drug use. After his conversion, he went into the ministry, telling his story and preaching the gospel where ever he could. 
Excerpts from an interview on stansgym.com, Birdsong described his favorite scripture as 1 Timothy 4:8 - "For bodily exercise profits a little, but godlinessis profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and that which is to come. That's the one that gave me the strength to carry on with the Lord when I got saved, when I was born again. I was at a book store at the time and this gentleman, he was working there and he gave me that Scripture and it made me think, Ďis all this exercise really what it's all about? Why am I competing all the time?í I had gone into the bookstore to get a Bible and that kind of woke me up. 
ďAs a bodybuilder I have been able to mention my testimony in muscle magazines where the whole world could read it! It opened doors for my family to go around the United States and Canada and to other places that we wouldn't ordinarily go. I had a chance to serve in the Full Gospel Business Man's organization. I've gone to youth camps, open air crusades, fairs, high schools and gyms.Ē

10-18-15 "Bob Birdsong's Personal Testimony"


Ray BROOKS became a successful real estate broker and at one time owned ten homes and other investments. At 34 years of age, through the testimony of coworkers, he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and was born again. He immediately started reaching out to hippies and drug addicts during the Jesus people revival. Six years later, in 1971, he closed his real estate company to follow the Lord's call to full time ministry.

Ray was part of the charismatic movement where the Lord opened many doors of ministry. He now ministers in churches and groups of all denominations. Ray and Jackie also conduct marriage seminars and retreats. They have ministered in many countries.

Through Ray's ministry, lives are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Lord honors His Word with signs and wonders following. Souls are saved, people are baptized in the Holy Spirit, and many are healed and delivered from demonic oppression.

(02/17/18) - Rev. Ray Brooks "Trust in God"
(04/15/18) - Rev. Ray Brooks "Words of Wisdom"
(07/23/17) - Rev. Ray Brooks "Power to Live"
(07/22/17) - Rev. Ray Brooks "Power to Deliver"
(07/22/17) - Jackie Brooks "Ladies Meeting"
(07/21/17) - Rev. Ray Brooks "Faith"
(05/24/15) - Rev. Ray Brooks "Pentecost Sunday"
(08/17/14) - Rev. Ray Brooks "Sings of the Times"
(12/08/13) - Rev. Ray Brooks "The Baptism in the Holy Spirit"
(12/07/13) - Rev. Ray Brooks "The Gospel of the Kingdom"
(05/19/13) - Rev. Ray Brooks "Pentecostal Power"
(05/18/13) - Rev. Dennis Shehan and Rev. Ray Brooks 
              "The Charismatic Renewal"


Dr. Stanley CHESTER, Dr. Chester went home to be with Messiah having finished his course.  Dr. Chester is the founder of Torah Light Ministries, was a lecturer, conducting seminars on Biblical History, Prophecy and Archaeology. His background in the Jewish culture and the Hebrew language illuminated and brought new insights to understanding difficult passages in the Word of God.  He will be greatly missed.

2-1-03 "The Image of the Beast"

Sven Conrad, Sven was born in China to missionary parents and was raised in Africa.  He returned to Copenhagen at age 18 for further education for ministry.  Sven has pastored and been a missionary his whole life.  God has blessed Sven with powerful testimony which you will hear if you listen below.  We were blessed to have Sven and hope to see him again soon.

5-27-18 "The Coming Revival"
5-27-18 "Testimony and Revival"
5-15-16 "Reconciliation"
4-26-15 "Personal Testimonoy"

Hamilton Filmalter, Through River of Life Ministries, Hamilton Filmalter's heart has been to stir Godís people to press in and lay hold of what God is doing. His teaching centers upon the anointing and ministry of Jesus. Through the preaching of the Word, and the laying on of hands, Hamilton seeks to equip the church to be bold and powerful witnesses for the Lord Jesus, to advance the kingdom of God in these last days. He encourages believers to take a fresh look at the ministry of Jesus and its relevance to the church today.

08-18-21 "The Glory of the Lord "


Dr. Ron FOLKNER has been in the ministry for forty years and is an international conference and crusade speaker. God uses Ron Folkner as a powerful and relevant preacher of the gospel. In 1991  he began an international evangelistic and missions ministry where he has ministered in numerous crusades, conferences, and revivals. As Dr. Folkner ministers, God's power flows, and many have been healed of sicknesses, delivered from bondages, and touched by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

(05/17/13) - Dr. Ron Folkner "Pentecostal Preaching"
(05/16/13) - Dr. Ron Folkner "Pentecostals are Extraordinary"
(05/15/13) - Dr. Ron Folkner "Pentecostals are Witnesses"


Jim and Connie KINGSBURY began BREAKTHROUGH - Cross-Cultural Services in August, 1999; but, their ministries together began when they were married, July 13, 1968. As a couple, they became graduates of L.I.F.E. Bible College and were licensed as Foursquare Ministers in June 1971. The Kingsburys served as Associate Pastors at The Church on the Way, Van Nuys, California and at Portland Foursquare Church in Portland, Oregon. Their overseas experiences include: a kibbutz language program in Israel, directing and teaching at Odiongan Foursquare Bible College in the Philippines, and serving as "coaches" for Frontiers for five years while living in California, England and the Middle East. Jim and Connie served as co-Pastors of Elim Pentecostal Church in Guildford, Surrey, England. They also served as Foursquare missionaries to the Middle East while living in Jordan and Israel for 6 years. 

(11/07/21) - "Open Doors and Wild Beasts"
(04/18/21) - "The Goodness of God"
(11/10/19) - "The Kingdom of God"
(04/07/19) - "One on One with Jesus"
(11/04/18) - "Close Encounters of the Jesus Kind"
(03/18/18) - "Children of the Resurrection"
(09/10/17) - "Psalm 23"
(09/04/16) - "Brining People to Jesus"
(03/06/16) - "Jesus' Last Words"
(07/19/15) - "Personal Encounters With the Lord"
(03/01/15) - "What are Pentecostals"
(06/21/13) - "Bringing People to Christ"



Having gone "home" to His Father in Heaven, Zola LEVITT was a Jewish Christian thoroughly educated in the synagogues and brought to the Messiah in 1971. He held music degrees from Duquesne University and Indiana University, and an Honorary Th.D. from Faith Bible College.

He was best known as the host of the weekly national television program Zola Levitt Presents, and was formerly the host of two top-rated radio talk shows The Heart of the Matter in Dallas, and the nationally syndicated Zola Levitt Live.

Zola was also a widely published author with more than 50 books in several languages, and the composer of some 200 spiritual songs.

8-15-04 Q and A with Zola


Glen Matthew

Glen Matthew served with Kathrun Kuhlman on her team and was graced with a healing anointing.  Glen moves in an apostolic grace conducting healing services and mentoring the next generation of ministers in the Gospel of the Kingdom.

(02/20/22) - "I Will Lead You in a Way You do not Know"

Simon Peter and his wife Meena along with their two children have ministered in Nepal for the past 30 years.  They oversee churches and orphanages headquartered in Kathmandu and in the countryside of Nepal.
As the Gospel is spreading throughout Nepal Simon has played a great role in the furthering of the Gospel.  Simon and his family relocated to the United States but continue to provide leadership and representation of the Nepali nation here.  God has continued to bless the work in Nepal through many trials. 

01-03-13 More Than Conquerors


Rick Strickland, loved by people throughout the world, Rick Strickland has dedicated his life to singing the Gospel. Rick is recognized as one of Southern Gospel's finest tenors. His faithfulness is traced to his upbringing in a Christian home that served the Lord. Rick developed a love for Gospel music and began singing at the age of 5. In 1982, Rick's professional career began as a tenor with the Singing Americans. The quartet placed "I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy" at the top of the Southern Gospel charts in 1984. He was featured tenor on the Singing Americans' "Live And Alive" and "Black And White" albums. Rick received the People's Choice Award as 'Favorite Tenor' in 1985. He joined Dollywood's Kingdom Heirs in 1987 and quickly made many friends in the music industry. In 1989 The Kingdom Heirs Quartet was named 'Favorite Southern Gospel Newcomer Group' by the Singing News Fan Awards. The group gained popularity for such songs as "Test Of Time," "I Can See Heaven" and "That Very Moment." Rick's live performances of "Moving Up To Gloryland," "Glory Road" and "Over The Moon" were lively and well received. Rick became known as Mr. Imagination, a Dollywood show for youngsters that he produced in 1992. Mr. Imagination allowed Rick the opportunity to showcase his talents by performing and spreading God's message to children. He penned and recorded a children's project, "You Are Especially Special." Rick's career took to new heights later in 1992 when he joined the legendary J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet. Becoming a†member of The Stamps Quartet opened many doors for Rick. He sang at the Grand Ole Opry, appeared on the popular Gaither Video Series and shows such as Crook and Chase, The Ralph Emery Show and The Statler Brothers Show. The quartet had sold-out performances at Radio Music Hall and Wembly Auditorium in London and toured extensively in Europe. As a member J.D. Sumner's quartet, Rick added Stamps classics such as "You Will Never Walk Alone," "The Holy City," "Oh, What A Savior" and "Sweet, Sweet Spirit" to his repertoire. In 1998, Rick was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame as a testimony to his dedication, talent and professionalism. He received a Dove Award nomination for his performances of Mosie Lister's "Till The Storm Passes By." Also in 1998, Rick received a nomination for a Grammy Award along with J.D. Sumner and The Stamps for the "Final Sessions" recording. Following J.D. Sumner's death, Rick continued as tenor with Ed Hill and Ed Enoch, longtime members of The Stamps.†Rick has been bringing the message in song†as a full time soloist since 2002. In this ministry, Rick is often accompanied by his mother Paula Strickland. He currently fills the tenor position with The Songfellows Quartet. His prayer is to share his testimony and to follow under the leadership and anointing of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

(11/08/15) - "Testimony and Singing"


Dennis TINERINO was a dear friend and we miss him dearly.  Dennis' fame does not need to be mentioned here.  As a 4 time Mr. Universe and Mr. America he gained world wide recognition.  As a man of God he traveled worldwide as a prophetic preacher of the gospel.  Dennis was called "home" on May 7, 2010.  Dennis' ministry touched so many lives around the world.   His life and walk with Jesus are documented in his autobiography, "Super Size Your Faith," which was published in 2006.  Dennis we miss you and long for our reunion in the sweet by and by.

7-13-08 "The Army of God"
7-12-08 "Greater Glory Realm"
11-11-07 "Perfected in Love"
3-25-07 "Supersize Your Faith"
AM Service
6-27-04 "Obedience to God"



Bishop Margaret WANGARI received her calling into the ministry while in high school. She took Kenya by storm as many miracles, healings, signs and wonders manifested in her countrywide crusades. After her miraculous call, she attended Bible School in Benin State, Nigeria where her ministry gained her recognition and brought her under the tutorship of the late Bishop Benson Idahosa. She also ministered with Kathryn Kuhlman. She has founded and oversees 60 churches in Kenya. Sister Margaret's gentle, humble and compassionate spirit draws the needy, the lost and the desperate to God. 

08-23-20 "Prophesy to the Wind"
03-22-20 "Safety in the Fire"
03-17-19 "The Battle is the Lord's"


Dick Williams is a composer, recording artist, and Bible teacher who shares the simple truths of God's Word in everyday life through his music and teaching.  God has gifted Dick with a powerful but gentle prophetic word for those to whom he has the opportunity to minister.  Dick has served the Lord in ministry for twenty-four years.  He has been privileged to take this ministry of music and teaching the Word of God to seven different countries.  You will be encouraged and refreshed through the prophetic ministry of Psalmist Dick Williams as he seeks to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ.

(04/24/22) - "Walking with Jesus"
(10/10/21) - "Walking in the Spirit"
(05/23/21) - "Pentecost Sunday Pt 2"
(05/23/21) - "Pentecost Sunday"
(11/15/20) - "Evening Service"
(01/26/20) - "Morning Service"
(01/26/20) - "Evening Service"
(01/26/20) - "Morning Prophecies"
(01/26/20) - "Evening Prophecies"
(5/05/19) - "Refined to Receive God's Blessings and Blessing Others Pt1"
(5/05/19) - "Refined to Receive God's Blessings and Blessing Others Pt2"
(11/05/17) - "Walking in the Spirit Pt.2"
(11/04/17) - "Walking in the Spirit Pt.1"
(04/23/17) - "Walking in Grace Pt.2"
(04/22/17) - "Walking in Grace Pt.1"
(11/06/16) - "Defeating Giants"
(11/05/16) - "Cleansed and Renewed"
(9/13/15) - "New Life"
(10/06/13) - "Christ in Us"
(10/05/13) - "Worship Dreams and Visions"


Scott and January Wilson

       The draw of missions for Scott and January began in early 2009, which then lead to Scott being appointed as the Missions Director for their home church in Las Vegas, Meadows Fellowship. During that tenure they had participated in approximately 30 different trips to countries of The Philippines, Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and of course, Mexico.

       During a trip to Mexico in 2012, God called them to Mexico as full time missionaries. The training process ended up taking 4 years as they prepared for the field and for Godís timing to be accomplished.

       Originally, they were supposed to assist another missionary couple already serving in Rosarito, Mexico as the main missionary contact for short term teams visiting the Baja area of Northern Mexico. Shortly after arriving, their assignment was modified because of some organizational  changes in the Missions Department of Foursquare Mexico.

       The new assignment was to be the Assistant to the National Missions Director for Foursquare Mexico. What was thought was to be a very local sphere of influence, quickly became one of affecting the entire nation of Mexico for Foursquare.

       Along with the original task of hosting short term missions teams from the US, the other major ministry focus is to help facilitate the development of a missions program for the local Mexican church. This includes working with pastors from all over the country and also with different district youth leaders.

       Currently, Scott and January live in Rosarito, Mexico which is just south of Tijuana and spend a lot of their time traveling to different areas of Mexico as they help promote the missions vision of the National Church Office of Foursquare Mexico, by scouting out possible locations for short term teams and to continue the training of local pastors.

(12/20/20) - "New Wineskins"
(12/20/20) - "Christmas 2020"
(07/19/20) - "Walking with God"
(12/29/19) - "Eternal Perspective"
(11/22/15) - "Testimony and Calling"